Understanding Fashion

Fashion is an artistic, fashionable, cosmetic, and sociological expression in a certain time and venue and in a certain context, particularly in clothes, footwear, accessories, hair, makeup, and body figures. Fashion as a whole is concerned with the presentation of objects as good and effective for their intended purposes, while taking into consideration the effect on the wearer, which can be positive or negative. In fashion, the word ‘style’ can refer to the overall appearance of something, like clothes or shoes, whereas ‘moderation’ deals with how the object is used. The purpose behind each type of fashion statement is to provide an acceptable standard of style for the people who are using it.

Haute couture is one of the most prestigious categories of fashion that emerged during the 1970s. It is defined as an independently created fashion that highlights the creative and artistic sensibility of the designers. Haute couture is usually presented in women’s clothing or men’s wear, although the designers also give importance to accessories and jewelry. Haute couture caters to tastes of youth, artists and celebrities. The main characteristic of haute couture is the utilization of heavy, complex, geometrical patterns on every aspect of the design, from fabric, form and color. Many designers combine materials like crystals, beads and precious stones, together with other materials that are inspired by fashion and art history.

The main objective of fashion trends is to present to the public new styles and fashion trends. Some of the most popular fashion trends are: high fashion, casual clothing, beachwear, sportswear, formalwear and womenswear. High fashion is a style that emphasizes the use of cutting edge, unique designs; whereas casual clothing is clothing that is worn for everyday use. Beachwear mainly includes bikinis, towels and socks. Sportswear and casual clothing are designed for casual activities, like athletic events, dancing, running, sports and other non-entertainment activities. Formalwear is usually preferred over beachwear or sportswear.

There are some fashion trends that remain popular, even up to the present times. One such popular trend is skinny jeans. Skinny jeans were originally designed as denim jeans, but they have been adapted to fit better and retain the shape of the body better, making them very comfortable to wear. Another important factor that contributes to the popularity of this type of jeans is their relative ease of wear. Most teenagers and young adults prefer to wear these jeans.

Haute Couture clothing is especially designed for fashionable women. The designers make clothes from the highest quality fabrics and use beautiful color combination’s to give fashionable clothes. They use special cutting techniques to make clothes that are comfortable to wear and present a chic look. Some of the important components of the Haute Couture clothing include skirts, blouses, pants, jackets and tops. Women can choose from a wide variety of colors and designs available in the market, according to their individual taste and preferences.

Celebrities are not the only ones who drive fashion. Clothing designed by fashion designers have become popular with common people also. People have started choosing clothes based on how it makes them look. Fashion is not confined to just celebrities and fashion weeks. It has become an integral part of a woman’s life. Like all other things, fashion is bound to change with time.

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