Traditional Chinese Wear – Culture and Function

To Gel Horseshoe (Togethong): The four-leg venting togel hongkong is the most popular testing that can be used for many applications, be it for a simple camping trip or a luxury getaway to the tropical island of Bali. This particular type of tent is named after its four legs which are made out of tungsten carbide. The four legs of the togel are joined together by welding. The material to which this tent is made out of is known as germanium, and is also a sturdy type of metal. The result of using this metal when manufacturing togel tents is that the tents last for longer periods of time.

The To Gel Hong Kong: The four legs of this tent has a tongue and groove design, which make it very easy to pack and transport. The tent itself is also lightweight, which is a feature that most people find appealing about it. The toll in Indonesia is known as Judi Tengkong, which means ‘recessed lantern’. It is not uncommon to see this togel at trade shows all over Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. There is even a museum dedicated to the togel called the ‘Togethong Tents’, which has an open-air exhibit that showcases the unique artistry and craftsmanship of the togels of Hong Kong.

The To Gel Balinese Suit (Batisna): A traditional Balinese outfit, the Bisnis is often compared to the oriental kimono, as it is made of heavy fabric. Traditionally, it is made from a mix of dyed chiffon and silk, and the colors are usually black, red and gold. The togas are available in different sizes with shoulder seams and front pockets. These suits are often worn to express social status or for the wedding event. Recently, the togas are making a comeback as buyers are looking for more traditional ethnic wear.

The Togethong Tents: The Togethong Tents (Bisnis Kuda Selam) is a popular item in Hong Kong culture and has even become a local fashion statement. These tents, also known as the “flying Bosa”, are made from a heavy fabric similar to skycloth with a fly opening. They are usually used to house and transport food supplies in emergency situations. The fabrics used to make these tents are very hard wearing, and they can withstand exposure to the sun for long periods of time. The flies are removed by using twigs, leaves and grasses to cover the tent openings.

The To Gel Bamboo Tent (Dabang Purna Paragon, To Dinjur Penjualan Bandar): The Two Gel Bamboo Tent (Tegelhang Teng Lertag) is a high quality bamboo tent commonly used for the wedding ceremony. The design and construction of this tent are based on the traditional style of the Buddhist temples in Hong Kong. The structure of the tent is divided into five parts and the inner two sections are decorated with golden carvings and semi precious stones. The interior is lined with pillows and the outer walls are padded with soft brown cotton. The inside of the tent is provided with additional space to move and sit. A door and a window are provided in the western wall.

The Agen Tonk Logo Scarf: The Agen Tonk Logo Scarf (Teng Angeles Paragon) is a traditional garment which originated from the Southern Chinese Buddhist culture. The design of this scarf is based on the pattern of the silk scarves used in the Buddhist temples. The silk used in the production of the scarf is produced in small batches by the silkworm as it grows in the silkworm’s cocoon. The silkworms are fed with royal jelly powder mixed with water to increase its strength and then are dipped in water to dry.

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