3 Main Film Genres


3 Main Film Genres

A movie, also known as a movie industry, short movie or short video, is an artistic work of visual entertainment used to simulated live experiences, usually told through moving pictures, to convey ideas, emotions, themes, beauty, or setting. The term was first used in cinemas during the 1890s, when movies appeared in public theaters. Ever since, it has been widely used as a medium for advertising and marketing. It has come a long way from the traditional theatrical productions. Today, an independent movie producer can create a full-fledged movie, done on a low budget with budget films. But it still depends on the filmmaker to choose what kind of movies to make.

Initially, the term “motor” or “motor-car” is derived from the ancient Greek word “motora”, which means “a wheel or axle”. Hence, the first genre of movies to be shown in public were motion pictures on wheels. Over the years, different kinds of wheels were made available so as to be fit for use in various motion pictures. Thus, various genres of cinema started emerging in the early days. However, even in the early days, people would watch real horseplay and funny scenes from the chariot races.

The early genres of films belonged to the Independent movement. Thus, these movies usually come together with other documentaries or artistic short subjects. Movie independent filmmakers started making movies for the common masses. They did not try to popularize their motion pictures with big budgets and star studded casts. Movie independent filmmakers used local cameras instead of Hollywood cameras so as to avoid the expensive extra expenses. Thus, early movies got a global appeal.

Later on, the term “blockbuster” emerged. Blockbuster is the term used by reviewers and critics to describe big budgeted movies that come with lots of special effects and are sold widely within a very short time frame. Most of the time, these Blockbuster movies are not much money, but the audiences are crazy about them.

Independent film themes are the first two words that come into the mind of any movie lover. This genre of films focuses on the individualistic point of view of the director and is less dependent upon what other people think. It does not matter if the movie is good or bad. An independent film will have its own following and it will have a universal appeal because of its unique point of view and style.

The third main sub-genre is the romance genre breakdown. A romance film is usually a story of love and passion between a hero and a heroine. Women are seen as the hero’s significant Other in this kind of story and they have to overcome jealousy, possess love, power, and all those things which make women appealing to men. Women are usually the central characters in this kind of films. Some of the most popular romantic themes are Edward and Bella, Silver Surfer and Storm in Love, High School Romance, and Love Actually.

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