Who is Attracted To Food?


Who is Attracted To Food?

When it comes to healthy eating, you must make sure that you are not just eating for the sake of it. You should be eating in order to promote your health. And since the diet and nutrition are related, it can be confusing at times to know which foods can help you stay healthy and which ones will simply add fat and toxins to your body. What you must learn is that there are certain foods that can improve your health while others can make you sick. So how exactly do you know what foods to eat?

Herbivores eat plants that are designed to eat other animals or plants. Herbivores are not true carnivores; they sometimes eat meat, but most of the time eat vegetables. Herbivores don’t care if their meal is fresh or cooked; they just want to consume what the plants around them can provide. Herbivores usually do not have problems with hunger because their diets consist mainly of raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and sprouts. In short, herbivores eat food that other animals cannot eat; therefore, if they do eat meat, it is likely only on a very minor level.

Carnivores are herbivores plus they also consume meat. In fact, the word “carnivore” literally means “to eat meat”. Carnivores need a good digestion system so that their food items can breakdown properly and they don’t become too full very quickly.

Insectivores are those animals that eat insects, including mosquitoes and termites. These creatures are small in size, so they can get into your food very easily and they don’t really care if the meal is tasty or not. Insectivores do have certain foods that they enjoy though. They enjoy cheese, yogurt, grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and whole grains.

Parasitivores enjoy plants, fungi, worms, and snails. Plants and fungi are very filling; however, snails send out hunger signals which satiety signals to the brain stem causing it to release a hormone that causes you to eat. Parasitivores do not have the ability to produce their own food. However, they can eat certain types of food items that are not necessarily healthy for you such as chocolate, sugary snacks, and processed foods with refined sugars and low fiber.

Some people get satiety signals from the hormones that affect them such as the pituitary gland. People with diabetes can sometimes eat more than what they should, but this does not stop their hunger. Some obese individuals experience insatiable cravings for food even when they are not physically hungry. The reason these individuals can binge eat is because of their subconscious beliefs about overeating. As an obese individual, you should think about changing the way you think about food if you want to lose weight.

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