What is Fashion Marketing?

Fashion is an art of dressing up to suit the latest trend in current society. Fashion can be defined as an abstract concept of dressing, which depicts how a person dresses to suit the current trend in fashion. Fashion is also a very popular aesthetic term in a certain time and place and in a certain context, particularly in clothes, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, hairstyles, and body types. It is used by many aestheticians, designers, and media personalities to describe the way people dress.

High fashion, low fashion, classic fashion, and every-day fashion all belong to the category of fashion. High fashion is what is considered to be the height of artistic beauty in any given time and place. It is an established fact that the definition of high fashion is subjective. What is high fashion to one person is considered totally trashy and useless to another, depending on his or her age, gender, status, and personal preferences? Basically, high fashion is a style that is inspired by the beauty and individuality.

Low fashion is also known as everyday fashion or non-high fashion. Contrary to high fashion, which is inspired by the beauty and individuality, low fashion is created with the consideration of what is currently “in.” That is, it caters to the mass market, rather than the exclusive salon demands. Since high fashion is a form of mass production, low fashion is often designed by combining different designs from different brands, thereby “striking equilibrium” between the competing brands. These brands include: Diesel, D&G, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi.

Haute fashion, on the other hand, are those designer or individual clothing items that are too stylish or too pretentious to be classified as ordinary clothes. Haute fashion designers typically create original, one-of-a-kind creations. Most popular examples of haute fashion designers include Gautier, Dior, Christian Dior, Versace, and Celine Dion. The haute fashion market is very competitive, with a number of individual boutiques selling amazing shoes, belts, sunglasses, scarves, hats, and jewelry. Haute couture dresses often incorporate complex cuts, unusual fabrics, and unique embellishments.

Both high fashion and haute fashion use innovative design and color schemes to create a unique look that is not typical to other clothing items. Haute couture is an avant-garde approach to fashion that exhibits beauty, imagination, and originality. Many modern celebrities are amongst the most popular and influential haute fashion designers. Celebrities such as singer Beyonce Knowles and actress Jennifer Lopez are amongst the most respected and highest selling haute fashion designers. In recent years, the popularity of urban clothing has grown tremendously.

Fashion marketing involves identifying fashion trends, developing a strategy, implementing it, monitoring its results, measuring its success, improving its effectiveness, and making changes if necessary or appropriate. While many fashion marketers spend years learning and gaining experience in marketing, others have honed their skills through internships, work at home jobs, and internships. Those who find fashion marketing challenging and enjoy applying the theories of marketing in fashion, can attend fashion shows, write about the latest trends, or attend conferences on marketing topics. Whatever path a fashion marketer takes, he or she must be passionate about the products, methods, and themes represented by the latest fashion trends.

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