Types of Traveling & Short-Term Lodging Options

Traveling to somewhere depends greatly on where exactly is your intended audience. When people travel, it is normally to visit another place, meet new people or explore a new area. There are two popular spelling versions of the word “travel”, travel and journey. The American-UK spelling difference is merely for other spelling versions: traveler and journey or traveled. In most countries, however, the word travel is used for all three spelling variations.

The word travel is derived from the Latin verb travel which means “to go”. Traveling is an easy way to express travel, since all it really implies is that you “travel” or move. A trip to Paris or London would be described as a “trip” while traveling to Rome or Mexico City would be described as “an experience”. While traveling is a common practice of many individuals, most people do not consider it traveling unless traveling entails traveling via road, air or sea.

In addition to the travel in general, the travel bug has become a common pestilence sweeping the world. The travel bug can be described as a traveling person, an enthusiastic tourist, a lover of foreign art or culture or a person with a desire to travel. Most travelers get carried away with the excitement of visiting new places. For some, this excitement can become a travel bug that consumes their entire life and hinders them from living normally.

One of the most typical symptoms associated with traveling is a complete lack of social interaction. Most people who travel do so just for a short vacation, usually less than a week. These short vacations are filled with sights to see, new places to explore and people to socialize with. When these people return home, they do not interact with anyone, let alone interact with others in a normal manner.

Some of the main symptoms of traveling are a general mood swing, insomnia, frequent headaches and a general obsession with travel. When people think about traveling, they conjure up images of driving through the desert miles from town to town, checking into hotels and experiencing the thrill of flying across oceans in an airplane. The fact is that these are all typical symptoms of a short vacation rather than the long term traveling most people experience. As mentioned earlier, many people are traveling just for a short vacation to experience the world.

Short-term accommodations such as hotel rooms, motels and inns are usually the first steps for travelers looking to travel abroad, visit friends and experience other cultures. When travelers are unable to find short-term accommodations, they resort to searching for a cheaper alternative such as staying in a cheaper hotel, motel or bed & breakfast. While this may provide a cheaper route for traveling, it does not offer the same type of experience as traveling abroad, visiting new cultures and encountering other people.

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