Types of Movies

A movie, also referred to as a video, short film, animation or viral video, is a creative work of visual artwork typically used to recreate experiences which convey emotions, messages, representations, beauty, or environment through the employment of moving pictures. In the past, movies comprised of black and white images displayed on large TV screens. Recent advancements in picture and sound technology have afforded the possibility to create high-quality movies capable of presenting complex stories and visual masterpieces on a small, compact monitor. The term “moviefone” refers to the method by which motion pictures are presented on a computer monitor. There are different types of formats for the motion pictures produced.

Action movies often tell stories of struggle between good and evil. In the movies, the bad guys usually consist of someone with superpowers, like in the Iron Man franchise. Good guys are usually the heroes depicted in the films who are trying to prevent destruction and evil acts of villains. Action movies, therefore, often times portray the struggles of good against evil. This type of movie is popular among movie lovers who prefer stories of action over character driven stories.

Movies which are based on books and novels are also categorized under the category of special effects. These movies have become extremely popular worldwide because of their ability to tell stories through visual images and utilization of special effects and stunts. The stunts and special effects used are designed to trick viewers into thinking the movies are real. The popularity of action movies stems from the exhilarating feeling it gives movie goers. Action movies often tell stories of betrayal, rivalry, love, and adventure.

Romance movies are the perfect genre for producing feature films. The key to successful romance movies lies in the director’s ability to capture the heart of the audience. To be sure, the climax of the movie will probably be based around a love story, but the overall story should be engaging enough to make the audience want to see more of what is happening. The movie studios often have to work very hard to make a romance movie into a great success.

Movie franchises are a good source of additional income for movie studios. The Fast and Furious series is one of the highest earning franchises in the history of movies. Every installment of this series has sold extremely well and the movie audiences continue to enjoy these movies regardless of their subject matter. The success of the Fast and Furious franchise is an example of how a movie can be both popular and profitable.

A movie can be classified as a science fiction or a fantasy film depending on its theme. Space movies and stories about aliens are generally meant to entertain while providing the audience with excitement and adventure. Science fiction movies are a great example of using special effects and technology to tell stories that do not happen in the real world. Star Wars, Star trek, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer were all science fiction films that used special effects to tell stories that had never been told before.

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