Toto Toilets

Toto is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1977, the group has a long and successful career. Members include Steve Lukather, David Paich, Joseph Williams, John Pierce, Robert “Sput” Searight, Dominique “Xavier” Taplin, Steve Maggiora, and Warren Ham. While there are numerous bands in the world that have inspired countless listeners to discover new music, Toto has been making a huge impact on the world of rock for over 30 years.

The group reformed in 2010 after a long hiatus. In addition to performing live concerts, the band embarked on a European tour to benefit the ailing Mike Porcaro. The band has never been the same since, with Porcaro not an active member since being diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The Toto band has also remained a popular option for homeowners and renters.

Toto is a popular brand of toilets. They feature water-sense technology and use 1.28 gallons per flush, as opposed to the 1.6 gallons required by standard toilets. They also have round and oval bowls, which are convenient for small spaces. As far as height, Toto follows the same height as standard flushing toilets. ADA-compliant toilets have a height of 17 to 19 inches.

In June 2009, Toto announced their reunion and a world tour. The lineup consisted of former Toto members Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather, and Lenny Castro. In addition, touring musicians included Shem von Schroeck and Warren Ham. This concert tour marked the 35th anniversary of Toto. So far, the band’s tour has been a great success, despite the fact that there are rumors about a new album.

In addition to being a major hit in the US, Toto has also achieved international success. Their unique designs and technological innovations are the perfect complement to the traditional aesthetics of many homes. Their toilets come with many options, including heated seats, remote-controlled bidets, and deodorizers. The company has a museum in Los Angeles, California, and in New York City. The Toto Museum showcases the history of their products.

In the summer of 2010, Toto returned for their first tour in decades. In May 2011, the band performed in the US as a benefit for Mike Porcaro, who had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In July of this year, the band was on a short European tour for a fundraiser in support of his disease. Toto has released their new album 40 Trips Around the Sun, and the band is touring to promote it.

In 2013, Toto released its seventh studio album, “The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz”. The album was the band’s first triple platinum album. Three of the songs on the album were Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits. In the same year, TOTO played three songs in the UK and Ireland. They were also featured on the Sci-Fi Channel miniseries Tin Man. However, the film did not feature Toto’s third release, Toto.

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