TOTO Toilets: Toilet Seat That Lets You Sit Back and Relax


TOTO Toilets: Toilet Seat That Lets You Sit Back and Relax

Toto is a Japanese manufacturer of toilet accessories. It is stylized as TOTO, the world’s largest bath accessory maker. It was established in 1917 and today is most famous for producing the Washlet and related accessory products. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has manufacturing facilities in nine countries worldwide. Its products are designed for use in toilets of all kinds, from residential houses to hotels and spas.

Toto toilet accessories include washlets, seat covers, hand rinses, toilet brush holders, bidets, bidet seats, toilet seat covers, toilet brushes, toilet floor mats, toilet floor finishers, hand rinses, toilet floor finishers, soap dispensers, toilet seats, towel holders, hand driers, wall-mounted towel racks, wall-mounted toilet shades, hand rinses, bidet valves, shower valves, and toilet floor kits. All these products are designed to be easy to install and use, but with enough finesse to suit even the most organized of users. The toilet accessories from Toto are sold in distinct styles, designs, colors and materials and they also provide added functionality. The wide range of products is an indication that Toto believes that it can meet the needs of any user, big or small.

Toilet accessories produced by the Japanese toilet brand Toto are both appealing and versatile, perfect for any bathroom design. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a modern look or a classic traditional style, you will surely find it among their collections. What is more, Toto offers its products online in numerous stores, including their official website, which allows you to browse through different models, read the customer reviews, and even purchase the product you like. For fast and convenient service, you can also purchase your accessories online via their secure ordering system. If you have any questions about a particular product, you can contact the customer support team of Toto to ask for assistance or visit their online store to view their complete selection.

Toilet accessories such as bidets, bath sponges, and hand dryers are becoming more popular among the consumers. These bidets allow you to get a full body massage while you take a hot shower, relieving you of the stress caused by incessant hand washing. A bidet also acts as a self-cleaning mechanism to save water consumption. Aside from providing the ultimate luxurious touch, bidets by the Japanese toto brand can last longer than 20 years.

If you are searching for a toilet seat, Toto washlets offer a variety of designs to choose from. Their Washlets by Toto come in several colors, including the famous “Gold” and “Platinum.” However, if you want a clear seat with no additional embellishments on it, you should choose the “Silver” and “neumo.” The seat covers and toilet roll covers are removable to facilitate an easy cleaning process.

With a toilet seat by Toto, you can relax and sit back in your bathroom while the wash basin will still keep your hands from getting dirty. You can also opt to have a handrail installed instead of a bowl that will prevent you from having a dirty finger before you use the toilet. Choosing a Toto toilet is easy. All you have to do is make your decision based on how you envision your toilet to be and your personal preferences in terms of colors and materials.

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