TOTO Toilets – A Better Waste Treatment Option


TOTO Toilets – A Better Waste Treatment Option

Toto is a term used in the medical profession to describe abnormal tissue found in the tonsil crypts. Toto tissue contains lymphoid tissue, which is a rich tissue of lymphoid origin surrounded by a thin layer of mucous which is secreted by the lymphoid cells. The word toto comes from the Latin toto meaning throat and the suffix -to meaning lymph. In general, all abnormal tissue removed from the throat must be X-ray positive.

Toto means throat in Italian and also means pouched or stuffed up. In toto lung means stomach and in Spanish toto esmo (toothed stomach). To some degree, toto has equated with stomach fat since the stomach is associated with the toto through its use. The most famous opera singer, Caruso, had yellow or whitish cheeks as a result of too much toto.

Caruso’s case was therefore typical of toto syndrome. American hard rock singer, Metallica, used to sing about the excess of toto in his songs, but in recent years he has made efforts to shed off some of that excess weight and become more slender. Many of Metallica’s songs are about excess weight problems. Metallica even released an album called No One Knows, which is about their attempts to deal with toto and similar issues. Ironically, the singer himself is a heavy tote guy and the lead vocalist of Metallica, Eddie Van Halen, is also a heavy tote guy!

In the seventies, American rock band Emerson, Lake And Palmer sang about the excess of toto in their songs. For them, toto was synonymous with excess poundage and their solution was to regularly engage in water aerobics in an attempt to lose weight. The group’s drummer, Larry Graham, would carry his groceries to work with him. Not only did the whole band eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, they also did regular exercise like running up and down the stairs.

A relatively new company based in the United Kingdom called Toilet Products, now produces what they claim to be the world’s first toto toilets. These new toilets have a special built in sensor that stops the toilet from flushing until it senses a body or an object beneath it. Then it will not flush at all. This supposedly means that no food or liquid remains in the toilet and that the bathroom feels cleaner because there are no smells to contend with.

So far these new toilet bowls from Toilet Products seem to be getting rave reviews. They are available to buy online for home use in actual stores in the UK and the USA. As they say, try them; you have nothing to lose! I am sure the To Toilet brand will soon be competing in other countries with the likes of Panasonic and Honeywell to produce high quality toilets for the modern lifestyle!

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