TOTO – The Truth About Topping Your Health Insurance Provider

In a recent article on “The Republican Machine and the ‘Tonto’ Affair,” National Journal’s editorial board pointed out how Flake and his political henchman helped push forward President George W. Bush’s agenda even when it ran against the wishes of most voters. This is typical of how politicians manipulate the news media to serve their will. It is amazing how the national media today will do whatever they want to make a politician look good. So it is no surprise that Flake came to the Senate to vote along with the majority against the president’s re-vote of ObamaCare. Unfortunately, it is true; the majority doesn’t always win when the national media is trying to move an agenda.

It is unfortunate that Flake and his Arizona congressional colleagues allowed themselves to be lied to again. When in reality, toto is just another form of spin. Toto is nothing more than another trick in the long list of Washington insider games. The real truth is probably somewhere between toto and truths. Maybe we should call it the Bush Bargain.

During the Bush Administration, the media played a major role in misleading the American people about the pre-existing health care plan. From early spring until late summer, networks and major newspapers were completely consumed with promoting the positive spin on health care reform. It was widely reported that hundreds of thousands of people had enrolled in No Waiting List’s for healthcare coverage. It was further reported that the number was closer to six million.

But the reality of the matter is that the vast majority of people who received enrollment bonus checks never made a single appointment to see a doctor. Many of them simply went back to the doctor of their choice after the coverage was terminated for non-payment. Then there were the ones who could not keep up with the deductibles or co-pays that kept rising. They found themselves behind the eight ball more often than not. That is when they found themselves in soup to nuts situations.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, toto is not the final word on truth. Recently, President Obama and his team of “crony” cronies tried to justify the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA) by pointing out the fact that forty-seven percent of policy holders did not even meet minimum criteria to qualify for their coverage. The media followed this claim to the letter and ran with it. The “crony” were labeled liars by the press and the citizens of America.

Toto is just a tool. Just like the other “wonder drugs” that are being pushed on the American people, it is only a temporary fix. Once the medicine wears off, you will still be left with the same problem. But thanks to the government transparency act, at least you now know who to blame.

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