To Gel, Hong Kong’s Most Popular Nightlife Destination

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To Gel, Hong Kong’s Most Popular Nightlife Destination

To Gel Hong Kong is one of the best online destinations in the world to find authentic Chinese entertainment. With its unique blend of games, cartoon characters, live shows, music and more it can truly be called the city of dreams. The To Gel brand was started in 1998 as a concession to the Hong Kong public for their request for a cartoon show featuring dogs. Since then it has expanded with locations in Singapore, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Kolkata, Beijing, Tokyo and more. The Hong Kong attraction is best known for its hot dog selling and dumpling eating establishment.

The To Gel brand offers a wide variety of food and beverages ranging from sandwiches to salads to juices and desserts. A wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables are available at all times of the day. To keep up with the demands of customers To Gel launched several new establishments such as the To Gel Singapore Dan Tien, To Gel Malaysia Satay Festival and To Gel International Wok Shop. Popular attractions in the area include the Hong Kong Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Victoria Memorial, China Town, the Esplanade, China Town Plaza and the China Exchange.

A must visit for both locals and tourists alike are the Hong Kong nightclubs and bars. These areas of the town are packed with exciting live shows, exotic dance shows and parties. The most popular venue is the Power Station on Central, known to host the largest annual Asian music and dance festival. The most notable local band is the Power Station five-piece band that has opened for concerts all over the world.

If nightlife is your thing then you can’t miss out on the night spots in To Gel. One of the most happening are the many or open-air eateries known as the “tink bars”. Here you can feast on some of the country’s famous hot and spicy dishes such as bulgurt (Literally meaning “pungent”) and kerangas or greenbacks. It is also where you can enjoy the finest in bangles and baobab stalls. If you want to party, then the open air bazaar known as the banyan kebab market is the place to be. You will find everything from silverware to jewellery at the banyan markets.

If you’re looking for a relaxing experience, then you can head to Gel’s many spa resorts which are located just around the corner from the tok mall. Some of the best spa resorts in Asia are located here including the Platinum Hotel and Spa Complex as well as the Sofitel Hong Kong and Victoria Falls Hotel. One of the more unusual sights you’ll come across while traveling to Gel are the many tattoo parlors that line both sides of the road. From here you can have an up close and personal look at the tattoo art that is all over To Gel. Of course if you don’t have the time to wander the aisles, you can always visit one of the many shopping malls in town and have a look at what’s on offer.

Finally, To Gel’s main attraction is the nomor hotel. Founded in 1960, this is one of the oldest palaces in town as it was built by Chinese travellers who were running out of money due to the global recession. The nomor is also home to some great restaurants and is now considered the most important street food in Hong Kong. If you want to shop till you drop, then the nomor is the place to be. You can also get a taste of local culture at the Noy’s Restaurant, which is named after the legendary Chinese traveller Noy, who first visited To Gel.

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