The Review of FitNetSS Treadmill

The line of exercise equipment offers some great options when you are looking for the perfect home gym. One of the best features is the ability to adjust the resistance level. The resistance level can be set to mimic a real life exercise, or it can be completely custom made to give you a full body workout. This feature alone is worth the price of admission.

Another great feature of the Fitnetics machine is the large console which allows you to monitor your progress as you add weight. The machine also has an interactive weight training section, which lets you simulate lifting the weights in a real life situation. The console will even tell you how long each exercise should be, and what the proper form is.

The machine comes with a deluxe magnetic resistance platform which can be used to perform multiple exercises. There are several different levels to choose from, and the machine even has four resistance modes, which allow you to easily change up exercises based upon your current fitness level. These modes are easy to turn on and off and can be programmed as well. This feature is ideal for beginners who might need a bit of a challenge.

One of the biggest complaints against FitNetS is that it is loud and difficult to clean. It does have a simple cleaning process which involves removing the batteries and plugging the cord just like any other machine. However, the fabric on the frame is very heavy and may be difficult to clean without a lot of detergent and water. FitNetics claims that this is due to the construction of the machine, but I am not comfortable with this claim.

I think the noise complaint is the only drawback of the FitNetS. It certainly is loud, but if you can afford to block out the sound of the machine while you are working out, then it’s probably worth it. It isn’t the loudest treadmill I’ve used, but close. Also, the belt is made of thick rubber, so you won’t hear the noise when running on it compared to some of the more modern materials used in other machines.

All in all, I would say that FitNetSS is a good machine for those looking for a simple yet effective cardiovascular exercise that won’t break the bank. It doesn’t have all of the cool gadgets that other machines offer, such as heart rate monitors or touch screens, but it does offer an excellent cardiovascular workout. Plus, most people don’t really feel like changing out their workout gear anyways. You can definitely expect to pay around $700 for this machine, which is pretty inexpensive when compared to other treadmills on the market today.

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