The Benefits of Traveling to the NBA Games


The Benefits of Traveling to the NBA Games

Traveling is the temporary movement of individuals between far away geographic locations. Travel can be done by car, bike, foot, plane, train, bus, boat, car, train or other modes, with or without personal luggage, and is one way to travel or round trip, usually arriving by land or sea. Some travelers use modern means of transportation to reach their destinations like ships, planes, trains, taxis and others. However, others prefer to explore new places on foot by using more familiar means of travel like bicycles, foot or bicycle. The book published, ” TRAVELING”, gives guidelines and information about traveling.

In the book, there are two sub-sections on traveling. In the first one “Ball Control” covers the rules for traveling with a ball and in the second sub-section “Dribbling” covers rules on traveling with a dribbling ball. The rules are based on common sense and good judgment rather than having any particular standard when it comes to a certain mode of travel. An example for ball control is when a player is traveling up an incline, then the ball needs to be carried either up or down the slope.

Dribbling is traveling with the ball using only two steps, i.e. feet. To play the game, the team players take turns being the “ball carrier” and the “dribbler.” A successful dribble ends when the “ball carrier” catches and returns the ball to the setter who is holding it in play at the point of delivery. The setter is then awarded the point. It is recommended that the players should not take three steps after catching the ball.

When there is a traveling violation and a foul is committed, the referee will call the players out and deduct points from the team’s score. When there is a traveling violation and a penalty is assessed, the penalty is the same as for a normal foul. For instance, a team member may be instructed to pay a fine if the rules are not followed. This fine may also affect a player’s ability to receive compensation for injuries sustained while playing.

With a few minor changes, the rules can be modified to allow for this great way of adding excitement to the game. When basketball players began using this system of moving from side to side, “clipping” was used. It was discovered that moving from side to side could result in a longer dunk. By adjusting the rules to allow for a longer vertical to the basket, the possibilities for a great play increased dramatically. With this great solution to a problem, basketball fans had their “own” way to entertain themselves with more dunks.

As travel may have changed in our world, so may rules. If you are a fan, you will always remember the thrill of watching Michael Jordan take his jumper to the rim or watching alley-oop passes from Allen Iverson and other legends. Traveling gives fans a chance to see these great athletes at work and add excitement to an arena. When traveling brings people together from all corners of the world, the NBA has given us something new. Whether you are at the games or at home, traveling gives you a chance to see what everyone is talking about and gives back some excitement to a sport that continues to grow.

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