The Beauty In Art

Beauty is often defined as an aesthetic feature of things which makes these things enjoyable to see. Such things as sunsets, landscapes, beautiful people and creative works of art are all considered to be beauty. Beauty, along with art and aesthetics, is perhaps the most important area of aesthetics, arguably the most important part of all philosophy. It is in this area that the work of art of the world’s greatest artists are truly judged. It is in this area where you can find beauty in nature and also in man. And, it is in this area that one should explore in order to find beauty in their lives.

From Adam and Eve’s rib of the tree of life, to the well oil lamps that are lit in our homes, beauty can be found in abundance. It is in man that we can find beauty, whether it is in the form of nature, art or man made beauty. In each area of man’s life, we can find beauty, whether it is found in the face of a person, in a work of art or in a landscape.

In order for us to find beauty in our lives, it is necessary for us to first find ourselves. This is why it is so important to use the power of the subconscious mind. By using the subconscious mind, we can become aware of those aspects of ourselves that we would like to change. If there is something about us that we think is not pleasing to our eyes or something that is not pleasing to our spirit, then by using the power of our mind we can change that. This is a process that must be undertaken continually in order to continuously improve our lives. And, when we constantly strive to improve upon the way that we view and feel about ourselves, then we begin to find beauty in ourselves.

A simple example of this is seen in how some people view beauty. Perhaps you have noticed that some people prefer certain types of music and other looks over others. Now, this may seem strange in the beginning, but it is beauty and what is found in beauty that drives us. If you look at someone with skin that is smooth and soft and the hair that is long and flowing and consider it beauty then you are beginning to see beauty in that. If on the other hand, if you notice that the person is bald and has a hooked nose and no beauty in his features then you are beginning to see the lack of beauty in that as well. The difference between these two individuals is their perception of beauty, which is driven by the kind of beauty that they find in themselves and the places that they consider to be beautiful.

Another form of beauty that we find in ourselves is found in art. Art is beauty incarnate and it is something that all men must understand if they are ever to find beauty in themselves. Unfortunately, many men sit at the mercy of the women around them as far as what their value system is and as far as what is considered to be beauty. This is something that a man who knows his art and understands the aesthetics of beauty can use to his advantage and draw the woman of his dreams.

For one, if a man knows the value of an image and how to properly manipulate it to make a woman come alive, he can use that to his advantage and get a woman to see something she has never seen before in him. If a man knows how to use art to beautify himself then he can use that to beautify the woman he is with and make her realize that he has more to offer than what was offered up until now. There is a great deal of beauty in art, something that any man who understands how to use it properly will never lack. So, for all of us out there who find beauty in art and can use it to our advantage, feel your magic and let your beauty shine.

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