The Band Toto


The Band Toto

Toto is an American rock band that began in 1978. In 1984, Toto released its debut album, “The Blues”, and a year later, the group embarked on a world tour to promote it. Their first tour included the Montreux Jazz Festival and a performance at the White House. The band also recorded an album, titled “Kingdom of Desire,” which was released on Columbia Records in the United States.

Toto’s second album, Toto, was not a commercial success. The band was not particularly successful, but was well received in Japan. In addition to releasing two singles, the band released a compilation album in early 1981. One of the albums, titled “Through the Looking Glass,” featured covers of Steely Dan and Bob Marley. The album did not chart in most countries, but was a hit in Japan and gave the band material to promote its 25th anniversary tour.

After the split from Lukather in 2008, Toto recruited Hungate to perform as lead vocalist. The singer took over the role of lead vocalist in 1986, with the help of other band members. He had previously worked with the band as a bassist. In late 2015, Hungate released a solo album, “Sunburn”. In September of the same year, Toto announced its first tour in two decades.

Toto’s live album Falling in Between Live is their fourth live release, following the 1999 album Livefields. The band recorded the show in Paris in March 2007. It was released on Eagle Records in 2008. The show was recorded on April 29, 2014. It was the band’s most successful concert-to-date, and was recorded with a wide variety of instruments. The band subsequently released an upcoming studio album, entitled Past to Present, containing four new songs by former Toto members, including guitarist Steve Lukather.

The book is set in a Japanese town and Toto is a popular Japanese band. They are popular in the U.S. and are often featured in high-end restaurants, such as Maison Yaki in Brooklyn. The band’s fans are also happy that the band is so diverse, and that their favorite members are always welcome at their events. However, Toto’s live show has a unique vibe, and a number of their fans have come to recognize each other by the unique voices of their favorite singers.

The song “Hold the Line” was the most popular Toto album, and the band toured across the country in 1982. The song became a hit and was a nominated for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. In the following years, Toto toured the world and won multiple awards, including Album of the Year and Producer of the Year. This song has been a favorite of Toto fans for decades. The music video was shot by actress Cheryl Lynn.

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