Movie Production Basics


Movie Production Basics

A movie, also known as a motion picture, video, or digital movie, is a visual work of multimedia art designed to simulate events that convey ideas, stories, representations, emotions, beauty, or setting. Movies may be for entertainment purposes only, but many are intended to be informative and educational as well. Movie plots may be based on real-life events and concepts, while the content may be purely imaginative. Most movies are produced for domestic and international audiences, but a few are made to be shown only at specific times and in certain countries.

The plot of a movie can tell stories. Action movies are usually about someone going from one stage to another. Movie studios spend millions of dollars each year making them. But the best action movies combine aspects of theater, video games, adventure, comedy, and special effects to tell stories that entertain. Action movies may be shown in many different places, including television, video, the Internet, cinema, and other places where the movie audience can watch the movie.

Martial arts movies often tell stories of great martial artists who have changed the world. Some of the best martial arts movies often combine action with telling long, dramatic stories about the characters’ journeys. Action movies often make use of special effects, stunts, and other tools to tell stories about special features of the martial artist, his fighting skills, and the places he visits along the way. Martial arts movies also tell stories of the people who use the martial arts, such as coaches, fighters, and other professionals. Some films deal with themes like coming of age, love, marriage, and family.

Special effects make movies much money. studios make movies out of special effects because they make the movie much more entertaining. Special effects include pyrotechnics, smoke, swords, laser bolts, and other things that are made much money by movie studios.

The sound track is also a part of movie theaters. The sound track adds to the excitement of movie theater. Soundtrack gives background noise or music during the movie so that it is easier to hear the actors when they are speaking. There is another important role of sound track, which is to enhance the picture for the movie. Movie theaters use sound track to enhance picture for better viewing.

A movie camera is the most important part of movie making. A movie camera is what allows the director to record images and film footage into a videotape. If the movie camera does not work properly, there would be a lot of technical problems. A movie producer, director, and screenwriter depend on the movie camera to tell stories that entertain. A movie projector adds light so that the pictures taken can be seen in dark areas.

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