Living the Dream – Couchsurfing vs Traveling


Living the Dream – Couchsurfing vs Traveling

Traveling has been a vital part of modern life since it’s the easiest way to escape from the daily hectic schedule. Traveling can actually be a great treatment for stress, pressure and depression too. It helps you renew your mental and physical well being. In fact, it improves not only your health but the quality of your life as well. So, who should thank God for making us more advanced animal on this earth?

People all over the world are realizing the significant benefits of traveling in today’s fast paced world. No longer do people need to sit at home and take care of their families during long hours of work. Although traveling may make you think twice before deciding to take that plane, once you do it you’ll be hooked to traveling. The experience of traveling actually changes a person’s view of the world.

Now you don’t have to change your lifestyle just to travel; instead traveling makes lifestyle better. Furthermore, by going to new places you will meet new people and cultures. Your perspective about the world will be completely changed and you will have a different point of view than your usual outlook. Traveling creates so much fun and excitement into your daily life, it even brings back your childhood when you used to spend several hours in the comfort zone of your house looking at television or playing games.

Traveling opens up your eyes to things that are unreachable in your normal life. For example, if you have always wanted to go to a particular place but never had the opportunity because you live in a crowded city, now you can finally make this dream come true. Thanks to modern technology, now you can meet new people while traveling. One of my favorite experiences was couchsurfing; I was traveling through Costa Rica with my friend Michael and he arranged everything for us, from food, lodging and transportation. We slept on couches and slept under the stars together.

Couchsurfing allowed us to experience traveling in a way that most people don’t have the chance to. We didn’t have to worry about our luggage or schedules; we simply put our bags on the bus and went from place to place. It was a real life adventure and I had a great time traveling and meeting new people while having a good time. You’ll realize how much more fun traveling is once you try it; it gives you a complete different perspective on your daily life.

Most people take traveling for granted; they don’t realize how much it allows them to expand their horizons. You will realize how much you miss home while traveling, once you see how much more interesting places are around the corner. When you are planning a trip, try to plan it during the season where most people are visiting. This will allow you to enjoy both the traveling and the accommodations at the same time. I know that my family and I always plan our trips during the off season, which allow us to enjoy the traveling, and the accommodations even better, at the same time.

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