Learn More About the History of Toto and Its Famous Products

To be able to use the word toothed (toot-end) in a sentence, one must first have some notion of what a toothed horse is. By definition, a toothed horse is a domesticated horse with its hooves already placed forward and its teeth worn down to a more manageable size. The word toothed originally referred to horses that had their mouths shut. Although this definition is now used to describe any horse with its mouth shut, it is derived from the way a horse might clench its fists, usually to protect itself from harm. It literally means “in danger.”

Toto toilets have come a long way since their humble beginnings. While they are still primarily used in Third World countries, these toilets are gaining popularity in the United States and Europe. While traditionally made of wood, Toto toilets are available in other materials, including cast iron and stainless steel. In addition to using wood or metal, Toto toilet bowl units can be custom made to meet the specifications of the individual user.

Because toto toilets are intended to be placed flush against a wall, their installation requires an adequate base support system to prevent the unit from tipping. Most models come with an adjustable pedestal that can be bolted to the floor or can be secured in a corner, depending on the toilet’s intended placement. The base is designed to support the weight of the toilet bowl by preventing it from leaning too far into the drain. To avoid any plumbing leaks, it is often a good idea to use plumbing caulk around the rim of the toilet bowl.

Because of their distinctive appearance, Toto toilets have become known colloquially as “Tooth tots.” Some Toto toilet models are decorated with logos of prominent companies like McDonald’s or Toshiba. In addition to their unique appearances, many toto toilets are designed with a creative or stylized design. These designs are most commonly seen on the in cisterns, which are usually plastic tubes attached to the wall inside the toilet bowl. There are other styles of toilets, such as the pull-up toto toilet, that don’t have any connecting tubes.

A unique aspect about Toto toilet accessories is their trademark characters. The most famous of these popular icons is the “Toto,” which is a black, four-foot long dog dressed in blue clothes. The character, which first appeared in the original Japanese cartoon, has been depicted on numerous products, including clothing, toys, drinks, and even wallpaper. The dog’s trademark shoe, the “Toothbrush,” is a yellow or brown leather boot that has a “T” stamped on the side. The image of the “Toto” has become so recognizable that many people associate the “Toto” with the iconic television show, Hollywood Forever.

Because of the popularity of the “Toto” and the image of the “Hollywood Forever” series’ characters, there are immeasurable ways to express oneself by using Toto toilet accessories. It’s possible to change the color of the shoe to match the mood in which one is using the restroom, or even add an image of a wonderful wizard to help one relax. The variety of products available is only limited by one’s imagination. The popularity of the “Toto” brand makes it easy to find great Toto products at affordable prices, making it easy for anyone to express themselves in the most imaginative way.

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