How To Select The Best Toilet Seat For Your Bathroom


How To Select The Best Toilet Seat For Your Bathroom

To tell the truth, TOTO (also known as TOOTO Kogure) and its products are not so much a brand as a misnomer. Traditionally, to be precise, TOTO was established by the great Japanese kimono weaving master Takeo Yamakasa. When he opened his toilet manufacturing business in 1917, it was initially a small business but quickly grew to become the largest household name in Japan today. In fact, it now has four branches in the Tokyo area alone.

TOTO Ltd (TOTOHO Kogure, TOTO) is actually the world’s biggest toilet producer. It was established in 1917, and today is known worldwide for producing the Washlet and many other derivative products. You can find these products in almost all local stores, super markets, department stores and even online. In addition to the great range of toilet seats and bidet tools, you can also get traditional Japanese toiletry bags as well as other bathroom essentials like shaving kits, face towels, toilet papers and etc. The toilet accessories produced by TOTO are also widely known for their affordability.

There are several types of Toto toilet seats and bidet tools to choose from. The most popular ones are the ‘Shikibuton’, ‘Kakebuton’, ‘Bureasureremony’ and the ‘Hokkaido’. All of these have been manufactured over the years and are now available in different colors and styles. The main highlight is that they all are very comfortable to use, as well as clean. Also, they are very hygienic and easy to maintain.

The TOTO Ultramax II is probably one of the best toto toilet seats and bidet tools to choose from. This is especially suitable if you are planning to take your bathroom to a new level. It is especially designed with the new “ultra defrost technology” to ensure that your toilet is always clean and hygienic. One of the best features of the Ultramax II is that it comes with two self flushing jets. These two jets work hand in hand with the electronic sensor, which helps to flush your toilet very efficiently.

The TOTO ProFlush Plus is another very good option to consider. It is one of the best toto toilet bidet seats and toilet tools that you can find on the market today. This is mainly because it comes with a sensor that allows you to adjust the pressure you want to flush with. This way, you can choose how strong or weak the flushing action should be. It is also very lightweight and has a long warranty to go with it. There are also a wide range of products to choose from such as the TOTO ProFLEX plus for the female users and the TOTO Supra for the male users.

The TOTO Company has been in the business of manufacturing washlets for over 40 years. Most of their products have been tried and tested and are very popular amongst different types of people. People who have used these toilets have raved about the efficiency of the electronic bidet system. Thus, if you are looking for a very good cleansing toilet seats or a very good electronic bidet system, then the TOTO Company is definitely a company you must consider.

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