History of Fashion Designing

DescriptionFashion is an artistic expression, in a certain context and time, of apparel, footwear, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, hairstyles, and body shapes. In its broader usage, the word means a style defined by the fashion industry today as what is usually termed the modern look. In defining this look, there are several sub-categories under which one can choose. For example, one may choose from boho, Gothic, postmodern, or casual. Each of these has its own share of fashion trends, which may be witnessed during any given season. However, the diversity and uniqueness of each particular fashion style are determined by the creative genius of its creator.

Haute couture is one of the most famous ones, which have created a stir among fashion enthusiasts. Invented in 1976, it is a fashion style that follows only few designs. The designs include unique cuts, unusual colors, and unique patterns. With its very own essence, this fashion genre took its shape when designers began to explore their creative potential. The high fashion industry, in particular, has embraced it because of its distinctiveness, originality, and creativity.

In addition, fashion designing has also evolved due to the modernization of technology. In the fourteenth century, the fashion of the day was studded with the development of machinery. As soon as the development of the machine started, designers found a way to capture the essence of fashion. As opposed to the fourteenth century, fashion designing had already spread in every part of Europe. It was common to wear renaissance fashions, long gowns, long skirts, corseted dresses, and other elegant and stylish clothes.

With the development of technology, haute couture became more popular during the early modern era. This was evident with the popularity of tailor-made clothing. When tailors were already able to create fashion designs for people who are unique and have distinct personalities, high fashion for women also became more popular. However, during the early nineteenth century, high fashion for women only gained a great popularity. This is due to the introduction of the concept of machinery in the clothing industry.

As soon as clothing design started changing, designers made use of more advanced tools, such as the hand-sewn clothing. The introduction of machines allowed the creation of uniform dress from different manufacturers, all with the same designs, colors, and patterns. High fashion designers also started creating their own clothing styles. This was a great help for those people who want to follow the trends in the market, but still find the dress affordable. As a result, clothing for men and women alike became less expensive in the early twentieth century.

Today, fashion designing is not just about following the latest trends, but making one’s clothes fashionable. Although fashion remains to be one of the major influences on one’s lifestyle, it should not be one of the main causes of a person’s downfall. Fashion designers need to consider all the aspects in making their work stand out in the crowd. In order for one to achieve this goal, they have to follow the trends set by people all over the world. By keeping these points in mind, fashion designers can make their clothing items look unique and fashionable.

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