Guide to TOTO Toilets

Toto, stylized as TOTO, is perhaps the world’s biggest toilet producer. It was established in 1917, and today is most famous for producing the Washlet and related product lines. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan,and has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries worldwide. As of this writing, there are approximately two hundred and fifty toilets manufactured in the United States. Many Toto models, which are very affordable, have become collector’s items.

The toto toilet uses a combination of waste water reclamation and toilet tank technology. The waste water is recycled by high-pressure flushing, causing any solids to be flushed out of the toilet tank less frequently. Each flush uses a small amount of water to cover the required distance, while leaving a large amount of water behind for reuse, called a rinse. Toto is also the developer and trademark holder of the toto symbol, which is used to promote their products and for advertising in general. The company’s history is notable for being one of the first toilet companies to utilize the wet flushing method, which meant that their original systems were much more efficient than the outdated gravity flush.

Today, a toto toilet can flush both waste water and urine with the same pressure, meaning that a larger volume of water can be left in the tank, which is quite substantial indeed. If you plan to install a new toilet, it would be wise to contact a professional to ensure that your system will work with your existing plumbing. Toto offers a number of different toilet designs, including some that include a bidet. If you are interested in purchasing a toilet, you should definitely keep in mind that they are generally more expensive than the competing brands of toilet paper. Fortunately, however, if you buy an older model that doesn’t run on water and chemicals, it can still serve its purpose for many years, making it a good investment for anyone who needs an affordable and reliable toilet.

Toto is also the developer and trademark holder of the heated seat toilet, which uses a heating element beneath the seat so that your bottom is warm while you are sitting down. While it may not provide you with a traditional flush, the heated seat provides you with a comfortable way to clean yourself, and to avoid having to deal with the problems of bodily waste expulsion. Although Toto does not sell the heated seat exclusively through their own company, they do produce similar models that are sold by other companies. For example, Paper Maid sells a version of the heated seat as part of their own range of toilets.

Toto was also the first company to introduce the japanese washlet, which is a high performance toilet that is also suitable for use in public toilets. It is noteworthy that a traditional totoilet does not have a lid or liner. To keep your waste down to a minimum, the japanese washlet will require a special kind of liner attached to the bowl of the toilet that also acts as a trap for germs. This way, you don’t need to worry about spreading germs while flushing your own waste down the toilet, allowing you to save water and energy. The japanese washlet does not come with a seat, but instead requires you to fold a sheet over the base of the toilet, which should be kept stored in a secure place when not in use.

Finally, Toto was the first company to introduce a bidet to the western market. A bidet is essentially a hand held device that sprays water directly onto the genital area. Many people find this to be an uncomfortable experience, but most users report the water to feel warm and to smell great. If you are looking for a better, more satisfying way to wash yourself, than the bidet might be for you. Unfortunately, as of yet, Toto does not sell its own bidet, but instead has developed partnerships with third parties to produce them. If you are interested in getting your hands on a bidet, it might be worth looking into some of the companies that are already selling them, as well as researching and investigating the individual models available to make sure that you choose the best toto toilet for you.

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