Expertise Building – How to Be an Expert Without Having to Rank High

In the world of personal development, the golden rule is ‘eat for energy’. But is this true? Can eating healthy really give me more energy? Well, I think it’s about what you eat, but how much you eat affects it greatly.

First, if you are going to say eat for energy, this means you have to understand the word EAT. If you just apply the ‘authoritativeness’ or ‘look-at-me factor’ to it, you can get the wrong impression from it. In fact, when I teach or write about personal growth and development, I never ever use the word eat!

So what do we mean by EAT? Verbally, you will feel more energized if you eat something during the day that will give you energy. It may be a delicious dinner, a scrumptious home cooked meal with a bunch of friends, or a leisurely stroll. The important thing here is that your body needs the energy, not the authoritativeness or look-at-me factor. These are the wrong guidelines for you.

If you want to be an expert, or boost your personal development and expertise, you need to display your strengths and use your resources efficiently. For example, if you are great at selling, but are terrible at writing, you can still be an excellent writer, even if your sales are lousy. This is because your resourcefulness or your strength lies in your resourcefulness and your ability to use your personal resources productively. If you don’t exhibit these two elements, your energy level will come down and your integrity will suffer.

The final issue I want to discuss for this article is trustworthiness and credibility. As we discussed earlier, the best strategy is to first work on gaining credibility and trustworthiness. You can do this by providing quality and useful content, communicating clearly and efficiently, following up promptly, paying close attention to details, being patient, being professional, and displaying a sense of gratitude. Once you have gained some credibility and trustworthiness, the next logical step is to take some targeted keywords and start ranking high for those terms.

I hope that you are now more confident about using social media for business purposes. Now go ahead and take action. You can easily begin to increase your expertise level by creating a profile on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social networking websites. Then, when it comes time to start applying those strategies, remember to use your resourcefulness and trustworthiness, and display your strengths. Remember, this is how you gain credibility, and it’s also how you gain trust, so work the best you can.

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