Determinants of Healthy People and Their Health Needs

Health is an indivisible condition of body, mind and spirit where infirmity and illness are absent. The practice of hygiene is directly linked with the maintenance of good health since no individual can be healthy if he is not free from dirt, wounds, bacteria and germs. Thus, all the members of the society need to practice good hygiene so that they may not get sick and may lead a normal life.

Health varies as per the status of different organ systems. A healthy individual is free from ill health and has strong resistance to diseases, whereas a person with ill health exhibits weak resistance and becomes an easy victim to various kinds of infections and ailments. Hence, hygiene is equated with the mental health status of an individual. In simple words, healthy people are free from mental illnesses and other unfitness while persons of ill health are susceptible to various kinds of mental disorders. Thus, a person of healthy physical health status is far more capable of combating the dangers of various types of disease than the person of ill health status.

Public health aims at the promotion of healthy living conditions. It deals with the eradication of all types of diseases and other health problems that may disrupt the harmony of the society. Some of the diseases that are common in modern society include diabetes, arthritis, various kinds of heart diseases, HIV/AIDS, obesity, and various kinds of cancer.

These diseases are usually incurable and hence treatment is either limited or totally unavailable. Hence, it is very essential to bring down the ratio of affected people to the minimum. Prevention is considered to be one of the most important aspects of health promotion. Hence, the best way of prevention is to avoid any kind of disease. A few tips on this are given below: a. Avoid consumption of food that contains pesticide residues, insecticides, hydrogenated fats, and processed foods.

b. Maintaining a healthy diet is another important aspect of public health. This includes proper food intake and the right proportion of nutrients and minerals that you consume. Some of the definitions of health needs include:

c. Stress management is also included in the definition of health promotion. Stress can affect the body adversely. Thus, it is very essential to reduce the stress levels of your life. Some of the major determinants of stress levels in the United States include, lack of effective coping mechanisms, coping strategies that are inappropriate for your job, problems with personal relationships, high level of work-related anxiety, job performance pressure, time constraints and various other factors.

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