Choosing Toto Toilet Systems

Toto is among the world s leaders in bathroom design and technology. Established in 1917, Toto boasts over 100 years of expertise in developing and manufacturing high-quality restrooms and toilets. In recent years Toto has been responsible for designing the Washlets, which are basically a luxurious toilet seat with bidet style flushable water compartments, a warming pad, and built in dryers so you no longer have to do away with wet toilet paper at home if you wish. They also have a line of shower enclosures and other bathroom accessories. The brand is most well known for the “Toilet of the Future”, a revolutionary toilet that offers both a bidet and a penis extender all in one convenient and therapeutic package.

As part of their Toilet of the Future project, Toto did extensive research on how to make a washlet that was both practical and comfortable to use. They decided to use a revolutionary new washlet material that has multiple purposes. The most common material used in Toto’s toilet of the future is the “Chlorobanz” washlets, which were inspired by the traditional Japanese toilet seat. These washlets use special PH chemicals to reduce odor, eliminate moisture, and disinfect washcloths and pads, making them ideal for bathrooms.

The Ultramax II Toilet is a Toto toilet that offers both convenience and a modern style to any bathroom. It uses advanced ceramic technology to help reduce water waste while increasing the efficiency of a toto bar’s circulation system. The Ultramax II’s water saving abilities are accomplished by the patented Turbo Water Delivery system. This system allows for up to five gallons of water per flush, and the Ultramax II’s powerful suction force makes it a great choice for anyone looking for the best toto toilet available. In addition to its high efficiency, the Ultramax II also offers an easy to clean self flushing design, a low odor indicator, low flow design, and a low flow design that ensures minimal water waste.

While Toto hasn’t yet finalized the final design for their Ultramax II line, they have released the Ultramax II Limited Express. The Ultramax II Limited Express is a full sized model with five gallons of water capacity and comes standard with a self-flushing air dryer. The Limited Express has an integrated water dispenser and comes in a black, white, chrome, or silver color with black trim. Some models have integrated white and black toilet paper holders and heated seats, making it perfect for anyone who wants all the benefits of a new toilet but doesn’t want the high cost involved with a new model. The heated seats are perfect for use with the Ultramax II because they work with the ceramic cylinder and are also safe to use with ceramic coated toilet papers.

The Toto toilet tank is built to accommodate up to nine gallons of water, so it’s important to check your specifications before purchasing the Ultramax II Limited Express to make sure you are getting the right size. Because there is such a variety of accessories that can be purchased separately from the Ultramax II, it is recommended that you visit a reputable online dealer to compare prices. By purchasing your Toto toilet online, you can avoid the extra fees often charged by brick and mortar establishments when using their installation service. Although you can get a professional to install the toilet for you, the added expense of using a professional can often prove to be more costly than having a Toto toilet installed by an independent repair shop.

For homeowners looking to renovate a bathroom or replace a worn out washlet, Toto is one brand to consider. Their wide range of Japanese style toilets includes models designed to work in any size bathroom, from small to large. As they have many years experience manufacturing washlets, it is not surprising to find many of their models being sold with a two year limited warranty. If you have been looking for a new toilet and are not satisfied with the selection available at your local department store, consider a Toto.

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