A Brief History of TOTO

TOTO is an iconic brand that is loved and adored by children and adults alike. It was TOTO that saved Dorothy from becoming so grey as her world around her began to fade away. TOTO jumped into Dorothy’s arms with both hands, and watched over her for just a little while. Then, TOTO jumped out from beneath the bed and disappeared. That’s all there was to TOTO.

Once TOTO was rescued, the old Scarecrow and the Tin Man thought Dorothy was a fairy, so they set out to find and rescue her again. They journeyed down deep into the forest to look for the Fairy Godmother, who could help them find their missing friend. The Fairy Godmother was not so sure she would be able to help them, since there were so many different types of fairies in Oz. They would need all of them to make up a fairy party.

This was a great idea for TOTO, since their costumes were not only cute but also quite attractive. So, they made sure to take care of all of their little problems. They went to the nearest market to sell some TOTO products. But the fairy Godmother had a bigger problem to worry about: TOTO was coming to her village. The Fairy Godmother did not know where she lived, and even if she knew it was a small village, she did not have much of a way to get there. So, she ordered all of her fairy maidens to go to Oz and deliver a message to her. These fairies were sent with the orders of the Fairy Godmother, so when the TOTO girls arrived at Oz, the Fairies of Oz delivered the message and told the Godmother that Dorothy was trapped in the castle of the Wicked Witch of the East.

After the Fairy Godmother’s message was delivered, the girls were able to open the gate to Oz and save Dorothy. In a lot of ways, the rescue of Dorothy has helped to shape the brand and image of TOTO. to what it is today.

Of course, all children will remember their time spent with the Fairies of Oz, because they are able to see the happiness and love the Fairies gave to Dorothy. as they waited for her rescue. And, this was exactly what TOTO wanted.

If you would like to read more about TOTO, or find more information on how this amazing brand was created, check out the links below. and make sure to take a little bit of time and read everything you can. It might be a wonderful gift for your kids on their birthdays or as a gift for a child in your life, so please consider it.

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