5 Great Restaurants to Check Out in Central, Hong Kong

To Gel Hong Kong is a small town located in the central province of Hubei, China. The area is known for its scenic mountains and soothing valleys, a fact that attracts many expats and tourists from all over the world to spend their vacations. The chosen name of the town was “to gel” since at the beginning, local Chinese people used to construct small water towers to collect local birds like To Gel Hong Kong. Today, Hong Kong has turned into a popular destination for all types of travelers and To Gel Hong Kong continues to grow in popularity as a place to stay and enjoy. If you are planning to visit Hong Kong this summer, then the best time to be there is from May to October, otherwise, during other months, the hotel accommodation rate will be on the higher side.

The primary attractions of To Gel Hong Kong are its beautiful scenery and its amazing panorama: a panoramic mountain scenery with rivers flowing gently and offering spectacular vistas of the blue sky and the green, verdant plains below; its clean, modern cities with skyscrapers, expressways, parks and museums; its unique culture with Chinese touch; and its cuisine which is famous all over the world, especially for its Nan Tan Food (which is a fermented fish soup) and the Hong Kong’s unique pengertian togel hongkong (lit. “mountain tea”) variety. There is also a popular rumoured that To Gel owes its name to the Japanese, although this has never been confirmed.

If you are looking for the best places to eat while in Hong Kong, try To Gel Hong Kong’s authentic Chinese food restaurants or the Hong Kong buffet which features delicious dim sum, Cantonese-style sweet chicken rice, aromatic stir-fried vegetables and an array of delicious seafood such as oysters, clams, and squid. The buffet is most ideal for a longer stay and the food can be expensive. Other good options include the popular Hong Kong takeaway, which is great for lunch or dinner when you have more spare time and don’t want to bother going out to a restaurant; you can get a range of cool and fresh products which are very reasonably priced; and of course, you can always go to one of the many authentic Chinese discos and eateries around town. If you would like to enjoy your meals a bit more, there are numerous small-scale restaurants and cafes around the main areas of Central and Victoria which serve tasty traditional Chinese foods. You will probably also find some local surprises at night, including dim sum and other delicious foods, and sometimes even live entertainment!

Angka Tango & Baa Baan: This is a popular local eatery located inside the Tandoori Complex in Central, Hong Kong. The restaurant serves a variety of Indian and Western snacks, sweets, desserts, snacks, and fast food like burgers and hot dogs. Drinks can be a real treat with the huge assortment of authentic Chinese drinks such as the shoo koo, a very strong black drink with lots of spices, sambhar, lagers, and even foreign beverages such as Amaretto. Desserts can be a typical hawker-style dessert or you can step outside and enjoy some sweet azalea berry at one of the nearby fruit stalls. Drinks are affordable and the service is up there with the best in the area.

For authentic Chinese and Indian fare from Hong Kong, head to Rajasthan’s Beberapa Palace. Here you will find some of the most exquisite Indian fare in the world, with exotic Rajasthani fare, Samosa, and much more. A favorite among local historians, tourists, and food enthusiasts, Beberapa Palace serves some of the finest Chinese dishes in the world, in an authentic Indian way.

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