Defining Beauty


Defining Beauty

Beauty is often defined as a subjective feeling or a quality of objects which makes these objects pleasant to see. Such objects may include sunsets, landscapes, humans and creative works of art. Beauty, along with beauty, is perhaps the most important theme of aesthetic studies, among the major branches of aesthetics. According to the most accepted definition, beauty is “the proportionate appreciation of the dimensions, arrangement and composition of a work of art”.

The field of aesthetics is vast, having to do with aesthetic psychology, aesthetics, visual psychology, aesthetic judgment and beauty studies. We can talk about beauty in different contexts, for example, in music, fashion, architecture, photography and computer graphics. However, to answer this question why we call something beautiful, one has to go beyond the everyday use of the word. There is no universally accepted meaning of beauty for it is dependent on our cultural and individual experiences. Here are some of the definitions and examples which define beauty:

Aesthetic Pleasure: pleasure is the result of delighting in the results of our actions or feelings. If I see beauty in action, then I must also see pleasure. If I see beauty in nature, then I must also see pleasure. If I see the natural beauty in the snow-covered mountains, then I would be expected to be happy.

Aesthetic Realism: Aesthetic realism suggests that beauty is not a matter of opinion or personal preference, but a necessity. To be beautiful is to be satisfied with what is. It is necessary for us to be happy and satisfied with our lives, careers, relationships and marriages. Beauty is a standard by which all of us measure our worth. And, because beauty is the result of combination and balance of all the aspects of the human being, it can never be changed, except by making ourselves better.

Descriptive Religion: The concept of beauty is associated closely with religious belief. The Bible sees beauty as a symbol of the connection between God and Israel. It is considered beautiful for Jesus and the Virgin Mary to be displayed in the Temple in Jerusalem. The Hindus regard an object of meditation and prayer to be beautiful.

Acceptable Ways of Looking: All people are beautiful. Some people may worry that they do not have the beauty of others. They may not look like models who may be considered beautiful on television. Everyone is beautiful, even when they may look a little different than the average person. We should appreciate all faces and differences and accept the fact that we cannot all look like the models whom we see each day on the television.

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