Define Healthcare

Health is a condition of overall physical, mental and emotional well being where infirmity and disease are absent. There are various definitions used for these purposes. In our daily life, we come across many persons who are healthy and there are many others who are not so healthy. The way to achieve the full worth of your life can be realized only when you achieve health. A healthy person is able to lead a happy and productive life with proper health.

The three components of good health are: good nutrition, regular physical activity, and meditation or self-meditation. Nutrition refers to the food products that we take for our bodies. The type and amount of food and the nutrient quality are determined by the needs of the individual. Regular physical activity assists in maintaining the normal functions of the body system. Lastly, meditation and self-meditation help in achieving overall well-being.

In the developing countries, physical well-being is often neglected because most people live a life of poverty. Lack of education, extreme poverty and transportation problems make it difficult for people in these countries to attain a good health status. The lack of physical well-being leads to psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and overeating. Some develop a sense of powerlessness regarding their health. This affects their motivation to exercise and consume proper food. It also influences their lifestyle.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are different causes of death across the globe. These include age-related illnesses, accidents, HIV/AIDS, infections, chronic conditions, violence, unemployment, illiteracy and poor nutrition. The five prominent preventable causes of death are heart attacks, lung diseases, cancer, neurological disorders and death from any form of disorder that results in impairment to the person’s capacity to carry out his activities of daily living. Mental illnesses such as depression, psychosis and schizophrenia are the result of chemical imbalance in the brain. Drug use and tobacco consumption also result to the increase of mental illness in the people.

There are various concepts which defines health. These include the four general concepts: physical, emotional, social and psychological. The complete physical health comprises the total system of the body, mind and spirit. Emotional well-being comprises your emotions that affect your moods and thought patterns. Social well-being is the value you ascribe to your community and how much you value the good health of those around you.

The complete physical and emotional well-being is reflected in the ability to perform your tasks with greater skill and efficiency. A higher level of psychological health gives you more energy and is reflected in your performance and work output. In a society where earning potential is extremely important, it is important to have a good social reputation. Financial health is influenced by the accumulation of wealth. It is also important to maintain balanced financial well-being, as financial problems can have devastating effects on your health.

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